Monday, January 25, 2010

4 rough sketches to Me, Myself and I

These are the 4 sketches I drew up for the first project. The first one ( top extreme left ) was inspired by past experience as a kendo-ka. Kendo means "the way of the sword."
I chose to sketch this because kendo is a very mentally and physically taxing sport and though I left it 2 years ago, the experience had burnt into my memory banks pernamently.
Second one is about my love for swimming. The swimming pool is fashioned into the letter 'g' with the deck chairs positioned to form the letter 'z'; together they form my initals 'gz'. I saw one of the works presented during lecture which had the name written to fit the back of an mp3 player. I thought it didn't quite utilize the form to express the designer's love for music. Perhaps using musical notes to form the name would better show the designer's love for music. This sketch was my attempt to do just that. Hahahaha... but one can also interpret in another way; that I like to hang out at the pool. Hahhahaa
Alright moving on, the next one to the right resembles that of a burger. This burger represents my love for Carls Jr burgers. My intials are written downwards.
The bottom two pictures represent one of my bad habits - procrastination. The table lamp represents the letter 'G' and the book marks represent the letter 'Z'. However, I think that the picture does not really say I'm a procrastinator. Another interpretation can be that I love to sleep given that there's a guy sleeping on the desk.

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