Monday, February 22, 2010

NM2208 assignment 02.

This is the abstraction process and final piece for my assignment 02. It serves as a directional sign to tell people where the dojo is. Everytime you cut down on a certain detail, one must ask if the omission would sent a clearer, more direct message to the viewer. One of the suggestions to further cut down on detail is to erase the bottom half, slightly below the waist and expand the top half, since the most significant parts of the sign are the head gear and the shinai.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NM2208 reflection - week 05 lecture

From past, experience, adhering to the rules of thirds in filming is essential to the asethetics of the film. I'm not sure if it does apply just as much to photographs, but from the lecture, it seems so.

I think, to tell a good photo story, one must consider the camera shots to use to tell the story. I.e. you can use mid range shot to introduction the scene to the viewers. Medium close up shot can be used to introduce your characters. Since we're dealing with photos, it may not be appropriate to have too many elements in one photo. This might confuse the viewer; he might not know which one to focus on. Conculsions are done to leave an impression on the viewer. Maybe you can have wide shots to end your story.

nm2208 reflection - week 04 lecture

I think the most important part about the abstraction process is that we have to ensure that the most clinching characteristic that makes it identifiable quickly remains in the pictogram.

Also, I think that a pictogram may mean different things when used in a different context. I.e. a pictogram of a person cycling placed by a pathway may mean that the pathway is meant for cyclists to use. On the other hand, the same pictogram may mean "beware of cyclists passingby" if placed by a zebra crossing. So, question of "to whom" it is for is also important here.

Since there are also plenty of ways to represent an idea, I think it'll be useful to know which prototype best describes the idea in a way that is most intuitive for the viewers.

NM2208 Assignment 01 - Me myself and I

This is the final prototype that I've decided to use for the first assignment. I changed the design entirely to give more focus on the person (me) than the burger. Erm.. if you can't make out what exactly I drew, it's actually a person in the air. He, or rather, I drew myself with a fork ( Letter "U" ) on my left hand and a butter knife on the right, pouncing onto a burger. The camera angle looks at the scene from a top down angle.

One of the suggestions given by my peers is that I can try exaggerating the jump by placing a sky background or a skyscape background. This is really make it look like I would go that "far" to get a burger.