Monday, April 12, 2010

Infographic - Fighting Climate Change

Firstly, I have to say doing this infographic is really a challenge. Considering I have no colour sense, finding the right colour to use had become so much of a chore, it was very frustrating.
OK, moving on from my rants. The article i chose is authored by the United Nations Environment Programme in 2007.
In this infographic, I wanted to provide awareness on the more important indicators of climate changing. And since our target audience are the subscribers of such genres of magazines, I think it would be better if i leave out most of the technical details.
I wanted to show degree of worsening or improvement of each indicator. Hence, the use of the thermometer. The 'glow' of yellow and red indicators the importance level of the indicator.
I positioned the Earth close to the fire to tell the viewer that global warming does exist and it is a very serious matter that we should be concern about.
Lines are drawn from various positons on the Eart to lead the reader to the body of text which are placed close to them. Closer proximity between each text and its corresponding lines is ensured to indicate their relationship.

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